The beautiful CD (mine) arrived. You can get it. You should get it; it will improve your life, if only by a small margin. Read on to find out how. How, that is, to get it and also how it will improve your life.

>>Orders before 12/25/12 will receive two CDs for the price of one, which means two lives being marginally improved. 🙂 Think about it, this means that if you do not order the CD very soon, at least one life will not be enriched, and that loss will be on your shoulders. 😦

How will your life be enriched? The thirteen songs on this album will take you out into the desert or into a dangerous bar, back to an old love or  forward to a new one (if the new one works out, there’s even a wedding song, ‘Boom Boom,’ which has served that purpose several times); they will show you a time when traveling penniless was not an unreasonable way of life even for a young family; they will cause your lips to smile and your feet to dance. If you are a musician, you’ll be rewarded by new surprises with each listening.

This particular album–No Need To Hurry–is not the full collection of my music over 6 decades of writing. There are also what I think of as the Misty Mountain songs, the Desperate Irish songs, the Insane Lunatic songs, the God songs and the I’m Just Learning How To Write Songs songs.  No Need To Hurry is an arbitrary grouping of Bittersweet Love songs, accompanied by some very high-test musicians who totally understood the atmosphere of each number and nailed it. In my opinion. I’m extremely proud of what we did and eager to share it with all of you.

How to order:  1) Use Paypal. Send me an email, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

Or, 2)  Write check or MO to Kajsa Ohman. Send to Helios Records, Suite #1, 1616 E. Howell St., Seattle WA 98122. Price of $19 includes S&H. If you live outside the US, please add enough additional postage. NB, don’t make check out to Helios Records.

Remember, order before Christmas and you will receive two CDs for the price of one. And enrich someone’s life.


CD ALERT, real this time

We interrupt this broad to bring a special bulletin. NO NEED TO HURRY, the new album by Kajsa Ohman with Johnny Harper, Mayne Smith, Gavin McGeorge and others, is actually in manufacture and will be available a few days before Christmas. This baker’s dozen of her original songs is—she has said so herself—one of the best albums you will buy all year, no matter which year we’re talking about.front cover

To order, contact her on this blog or at her email,, and by that time she will have figured out how to accept your payment. (She does have PayPal, for example.) She is tremendously excited about sharing her music with you, particularly those of you who’ve been following the blog but have no idea what she sounds like. She’s even considering offering two-for-one at first, just so you will give the extra to someone who will love it. Yes, if you ask her to do this, she certainly will.

The $19 includes S&H, unless you live out of the US, in which case you probably know how much extra postage you’ll need. Despite the title of this CD (see above), respond now; operator is standing by.back cover